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Birthday Gift by Anime-Wolf35 Birthday Gift :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 7 19
Titan Cafe: Black Tea
Titan Cafe : Black Tea

Warning: Will contain swearing

|(Name)'s POV|

Tea? Thought they would only serve coffee, but now I am intrigued... Hmm, I'm going to get tea just to see what kind of waiter I get...
After I had decided on what I wanted, I called for the waitress to take my order.
''Have you decided?'', she asked, taking out a little notes book.
''Yes, some black tea.'', I said, making the waitress almost burst out from laughter. I don't get how ordering tea can be so funny... Maybe it's because of the waiter?
''Do you have diarrhea? Because if you do, the side dish is sure to make you constipated.'', she said, chuckling at her joke. The fuck kind of cafe is this?! Is this how people treat their customers?!
''Look, if you are here to make such comments, then I can just leave. I really don't want to talk about shit and I do not want to waste somebody else's 'chances' of coming to this
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 37 11
Failure into Success (Levi x Fem!Reader) Ch.3
Failure into Success (Levi x Fem!Reader) (AU)
Chapter 3: I Swear We Are Dating!
Warning: Might contain swearing

|(Name)'s POV|

It was that time of the month again. I would visit my parents again. For the first time after that whole fiasco with my acceptance to the police, I was excited to visit my family again. I wanted to tell them everything that I had succeeded while working for 'Survey Corps'. I could speak of my workplace with pride and excitement, since this was the job I always dreamt of. I was so sure my parents would be happy for me. I was sure they would support my decisions. I was sure they would be proud of how much money I could make and the fact that I was working for such a successful company. I was so certain. But when I got there, all my hopes were crashed.
''Gradma, grandpa? What are you doing here? It's been a while since we've talked.'', I said, as I saw my whole family gathered on the living room
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 17 9
Jack of Clubs - Suga by Anime-Wolf35 Jack of Clubs - Suga :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 20 5 Queen of Hearts - Jin by Anime-Wolf35 Queen of Hearts - Jin :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 20 7 Jungkook in Wonderland by Anime-Wolf35 Jungkook in Wonderland :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 18 16 Spread, Spread, Spread my Wings by Anime-Wolf35 Spread, Spread, Spread my Wings :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 16 17 Kitty Cat by Anime-Wolf35 Kitty Cat :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 12 6 Harley V in the House! by Anime-Wolf35 Harley V in the House! :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 40 26 Happy B-day Xiumin by Anime-Wolf35 Happy B-day Xiumin :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 14 20
His Boss (Jean x Businesswoman!Reader) (AU) Ch.7
His Boss (Jean x Businesswoman!Reader) (AU)
Chapter 7: His Boss, Troubles in Paradise

Warning: Might Contain Swearing

After we returned to our apartment I went to take a shower. At the moment I felt relaxed, like nothing could go wrong. I had realised my feelings for (Name), I was true to myself and (Name) truly loved me back. I had a home, a job, a girlfriend. Everything was going perfect. Until that moment. Up until a thud coming from our bedroom, I was happy. After that, I no longer was happy.

I finished showering and went back to our bedroom. To my surprise, I saw (Name) getting dressed up to leave. But we just came back... She noticed me watching her, but she didn't say anything. Is it me, or does the atmosphere feel... colder? Normally, I wouldn't be surprised, this was (Name) we are talking about, but that was
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 22 25
Flower Boy Jungkook (No Filters) by Anime-Wolf35 Flower Boy Jungkook (No Filters) :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 46 12 Flower Boy Jungkook by Anime-Wolf35 Flower Boy Jungkook :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 33 30 Happy B-day Suga by Anime-Wolf35 Happy B-day Suga :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 39 17 Sebastian Michaelis by Anime-Wolf35 Sebastian Michaelis :iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 73 17
Not like Others (Kise x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)
Not like Others (Kise Ryouta x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)

|3rd Person's POV|
(Name) always wondered why would people stare at her weirdly when she spoke of her family situation. Was it because they were jealous of her? It seemed natural - she was the boss of a well-known company after all, who wouldn't be jealous of her economic status? She was pretty as well. (H/l), (h/c) hair and stunning (e/c) eyes, pretty nose and well-sculptred lips. No, she wasn't ugly. So since she had all these things, everybody should be jealous of her. Then why was she looked down by those who once thought she was great? Why?
Was it because she was a single mother and wasn't married? Was it her fault that Christine's biological father - and ex-boyfriend of (Name)'s cheated on her? Didn't she have every right to dump him? And that's what she did. It was best for her and her little girl. Then why do people still judge her for the fact that she was the victim on her love relationsh
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 36 8


Tae sketch by Deirdrecortini Tae sketch :icondeirdrecortini:Deirdrecortini 2 0 bambam .17.03.24 by atimarap bambam .17.03.24 :iconatimarap:atimarap 5 2 Galaxy Jimin by as-obu Galaxy Jimin :iconas-obu:as-obu 15 2 Russia  cosplayer drawin by crisTcream Russia cosplayer drawin :iconcristcream:crisTcream 20 4 Infires (rough draft) by ZaneEyre Infires (rough draft) :iconzaneeyre:ZaneEyre 2 1 Levi Sketch by LeviHeichou156 Levi Sketch :iconleviheichou156:LeviHeichou156 15 0 Mystic Messsenger 707 by ShinViolet Mystic Messsenger 707 :iconshinviolet:ShinViolet 36 3 161018 - Eruri - Trick or Treat by unhlyghst 161018 - Eruri - Trick or Treat :iconunhlyghst:unhlyghst 35 14 170131 - Eruri by unhlyghst 170131 - Eruri :iconunhlyghst:unhlyghst 14 1 Eruri - Chu~ by unhlyghst Eruri - Chu~ :iconunhlyghst:unhlyghst 80 18 Eruri - R.I.P Erwin by unhlyghst Eruri - R.I.P Erwin :iconunhlyghst:unhlyghst 44 11 Min Yoongi by sleepynaru Min Yoongi :iconsleepynaru:sleepynaru 22 3 J-(D)Hope + CypherPT.4 = PERFECT by LizMythos J-(D)Hope + CypherPT.4 = PERFECT :iconlizmythos:LizMythos 32 7 [RQ] KANE-SAN by Liirin [RQ] KANE-SAN :iconliirin:Liirin 84 7 + Tie a Ribbon [Speed Paint] by Yunho-Jaejoong + Tie a Ribbon [Speed Paint] :iconyunho-jaejoong:Yunho-Jaejoong 30 3 BTS - Yoongi and Jin by Katven7 BTS - Yoongi and Jin :iconkatven7:Katven7 59 11




Anime-Wolf35's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello there! Welcome to my page!

I am just some random nerd, who loves anime and video games.
(I'm not good at describing myself as you can see)

I mostly upload stories and sometimes drawings (which are horrible xD) So I hope you like them and that some of my stories might help you laugh!

Don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm not that intimidating and I can make friends pretty easily. Even if you have any questions, just ask! I don't bite!... Hard ;p

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile and my work! I really appreciate it!

Also, you don't have to thank me for faves/watching you. If I did either, then that means that you deserve it and I hope you keep up the good work. Hope you have a good day!

My obsession at the moment: Kpop

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bts gifs

Be sure that when you fall... You fall gracefully!

big bang

Free Visitor Maps at
Get a FREE visitor map for your site!

Now I know who stalks me ;D

Remember; Always block out the haters
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Pssshhhttt... I just turned 2 years old in  DA~~~
Thanks for the amazing 2 years! Let's have more years like this! EXO : Luhan Heart Suga Lazy Heart Dara Heart version 2 
Wow! Over 200k view for my gallery?! You guys are amazing!! Thank you so much!! 

I know I've been slacking off with submissions, but that's exam life for you! So please wait for a couple of weeks! I'll try and make it worth your while! (I guess...?) xD

P.S. Is anyone going to watch the BBMAs? I can't because it's going to be 2 in the morning in my time and I am writing Physics tomorrow, so I can't T^T. If somebody does, please tell me if BTS won or not. My soul will not rest if they don't win or perform!
Happy Easter everyone! If you don't celebrate it, then hope you have a great day!Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) Easter egg and bunny medium emoticon 2017 

*Also, I might be slightly drunk by all the beer I drank and I am so full by the meats I ate! Call for help xD*
Just a friendly advice; if you want to see Attack on Titan Season 2, wait until all the episodes have come out so that you can binge watch it. I made the mistake of watching the first three episodes and now the suspence is killing me!
following hello gif hi gif greetings gif hotel transylvania gif

Sooo, you have me waking up and after eating, going to check how everything is going on DA.

*Sees two people add me to their watch list*
*Is curious and checks number of watchers*
*Sees that I've passed 400 watchers*

Like seriously! How can you people watch me? I don't understand it myself xD

But anyway, for my new watchers, welcome! You'll probably regret your stay, but don't worry, everybody makes mistakes! (Ask my older watchers)
For my older watchers, thanks for sticking up with me for so long. I can't understand how you can stand so much cancer from my submissions. (Are you superman/woman?)

Anywho, I've seen many people doing contests, raffles and such stuff when they surpass a certain number of watchers, but unfortunately, I don't have any cool gifts to give you. (Just so you know, I am broke af)

Sooo, the least I could do and think of, is let you -the watchers- ask me stuff that you want to know about me!

I don't care if you are just a random watcher that pitied me and decided to watch me, or if you've never commented on a deviation of mine because you were shy, I want you to ask me something. Anything. About stuff that I like, stuff I don't like, stuff that I may or may have not seen, about my 'techiques', whatever you can think of. If you want to become friends with me (I pity you if you do, but whatever) ask me. DON'T BE SHY!

The purpose of this is for me to get to know you better and for you to get to know me better.


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